Learning from an Early Age: Raising a Talented Musician in Kansas City

Unbeknown to many from elsewhere, Kansas City has long been one of the country’s musical hot spots. While perhaps fewer in the way of famous pop artists and rock stars have emerged from K.C. than might have from certain other cities of similar size, residents of the area have long valued music and the ability to play it. That fact has led to the production of a steady stream of highly capable, professional musicians who make careers of positions in orchestras or as session musicians supporting others. Even today, many Kansas City parents understand the value and importance of teaching their children how to make music from early ages.


The Kansas city music store has long been an important partner in this pursuit. Institutions like Meyer Music have been supporting parents and musical educators for decades, providing virtually everything needed to help set children on the path to mastery of their chosen instruments and music in general. Many local experts recommend, in fact, that parents help their kids get interested in music from the youngest ages possible, as this early experience will provide the kind of foundation for later study that can not be substituted for.

A parent of even a toddler, then, can often benefit from a quick trip to a music stores in Kansas city. While most of the instruments on display there will be well beyond the abilities of any young child to take advantage of, all Kansas city music stores have plenty of others that can be of great benefit. Thumb cymbals, for example, being light and easy to make use, can be a great way to help children get accustomed to the kind of rhythmic movement that is essential to virtually every instrument.

A variety of other instruments can be just as engaging and helpful for children of the same age or slightly older. Xylophones and child-sized glockenspiels help introduce children to rhythm while also providing an insight into melody and musical touch, the process by which a musician coaxes a variety of tones and emotions out of an instrument. Small drums of various sorts can be among the easiest instruments of all to play in a satisfying way, and more advanced percussion instruments can even add back in the element of melody. Simple shakers and cymbals make it easy for children to play along with parents who have musical talents of their own, an easy way for families to make music a shared and relationship-building experience.


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